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At East Bay Custom Cabinet, our custom woodworking can be used to make a variety of improvements to give your home or business a beautiful new look without breaking the bank. We have been providing home and business owners in the Oakland, CA area with custom woodworking service for more than 30 years. With our many years in the industry, we know the importance of giving customers quality service and product.

By renovating your home, you can redesign rooms to perfectly suit your lifestyle and the needs of your family. Our custom woodworking can give you contemporary cabinets for your kitchen or traditional-style shelves in your bathroom. Whatever home improvement project you decide on, we can design and construct a style that is uniquely for you.

Our Oakland, CA customers will tell you that they made the correct choice when they decided to utilize our custom woodworking service. We can design and construct a room that will bring functionality and beauty to your home. Furthermore, renovations raise the market value of your home. With our custom woodworking service, we guarantee that we can give you a product that you will love and enjoy.

When family and friends come to your home, they will be amazed at the wonderful improvements you have made to your home, courtesy of the craftsmanship of our skilled constructors and builders. From start to finish, our custom woodworking jobs are well-organized to save you time and money. If you want an Oakland, CA area business that will listen to your home or business improvement requests, ask East Bay Custom Cabinet!